The Foundation Laying Ceremony of UMT Dressing Production Base

                                      Gongs and drums are blowing and colorful flags are flying. On February28, 2022, the foundation of Foshan United Medical Technologies (UMT) Dressing Production Headquarters was laid in Dali Town, Nanhai District, Foshan. Covering an area of 33.58 Mu, the new project with an investment of 230 million yuan kicked off with great fanfare.

                                      The salute was auspicious, and the guests waved the golden spade to raise the earth and cultivated the foundation together.

                                      The based opening ceremony guests Mao Yongtian, vice chairman of Foshan Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Wang Yong, deputy secretary and mayor of Nanhai District, Pan Shi, member of the Standing Committee and deputy mayor of Nanhai District and Secretary of the Party committee of Shishan town, He Chunyun, member of the Standing Committee of Nanhai District and Secretary of the Party committee of Dali Town, Huang Zhibin, deputy mayor of Nanhai District, You Jianfeng, deputy secretary of the Party committee and mayor of Dali Town, and other municipal, district and town leaders attended the foundation laying ceremony, Mr. Huang Kai, chairman of Baihe Medical; Dr. Wang Xiaodong of UMT; And representatives of Nanhai Dali Industrial Park, the construction unit, Baihe Medical and senior management representatives of its subsidiary UMT have jointly witnessed this grand occasion!

                                      This ground breaking ceremony not only means that UMT Dressing Production Headquarters starts the construction phase, but also means that the production management of the company has gone further and ushered in a new peak!


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